Fresh Ideas For Bathroom Remodels

You spend an average of 92 days of your life taking care of business in the bathroom–preening, cleaning, and more. Shouldn’t it be a space that you enjoy spending time in? Creating a relaxing haven that inspires luxurious self-care rituals is something we should all consider. Finding the right bathroom upgrades to create a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere is simple; follow these simple steps and create bathroom bliss for you and your loved ones.

Mediterranean Oasis

Be inspired by the fresh, warm and exotic countries of Spain, Portugal and even Morocco. Choosing spacious floorplans and materials such as ceramic tile and warm terra cotta will create a vacation space that you travel to regularly.

Accent Your Space

Adding a few well-chosen pieces of striking art to your bathroom or even adding an accent wall with richly colored mosaic tile will treat the senses to something beautiful as you use your space. Create additional beauty by adding lush greenery, whether real or artificial, to add depth and life to your space.

Smart Storage: Less Is More

Rather than bulking up your floor space with storage receptacles, consider adding built-in storage cabinets with beautiful glass doors, and go vertical. This will create a more open look and feel to even the smallest of bathrooms. If built-in cabinetry is not an option, choose an antique or retro piece of furniture to jazz up your storage space.

Go Classic–Choose White

Like the classic cable knit sweater or a good pair of denim jeans, choosing clean whites in a bathroom never goes out of style. Soft white on walls makes your space look larger than it really is, while classy white subway tile in a bathtub or shower is a timeless look and easy to maintain. Pair your clean whites with a simple black floor tile for a clean and classy look.

Comfort Is Key

Adding items such as height adjustable toilets and rimless showers will ensure that as your family grows (and you age), you can continue to use the space in comfort and with ease.

Make Way For A Wet Room

Many homeowners are now abandoning traditional showers and bathtubs for a wet room, a place where the shower, bathtub, and all other things wet are housed. Usually encased in sturdy clear plastic or plexiglass, this gives an open feel to your bathroom and provides you with separated spaces for wet and dry activities.

Floating Vanities

Adding a floating vanity to your space can be considered a piece of artwork if done correctly. Floating vanities are also customizable for height and width as well, so your comfort is considered when installing.

Add Dimension: Use Three Dimensional Tile

Add interest to otherwise flat bathroom walls with three-dimensional tile. In a wide variety of colors and textures, you are bound to find something interesting, aesthetically pleasing, and budget-friendly.

Add Some Waterproof Electronics!

You spend enough time in the bathroom, why not spice it up with some media to make your time in there more enjoyable? Bluetooth devices, wireless speakers, and other media specialties are now being installed into shower heads and mirrors, making your thirst for entertainment just a touch away. For those that are a bit more media gluttonous, it is now more commonplace to install a TV in your bathroom, making binge watching your favorite show while soaking in the tub possible.

Finding ways to spice up time in one of the most utilized areas of your home is one way to ensure that your personal time is relaxing, refreshing, and fun. Use your imagination to create a beautiful space for you and your family.