Saving Big on Your Bathroom Remodel

A renovation is an actual redesign whereby you would sacrifice anything to achieve your ultimate dream design. This means you’ll go for the best contractor, quality material, and beautiful layout. Of course, such elements in your remodeling project don’t come cheap. The contractor comes well recommended and with the necessary experience to actualize your ideas. There is no doubt that they will charge a prime fee. How do you ascertain that you maintain the quality of the project and still save money? It is a quagmire that most homeowners embarking on bathroom renovations always seek to solve. Nonetheless, after a bathroom remodel and resale, you should recover all your cost and still make a margin. That is why you shouldn’t have a budget that is more than 5% of your home’s value. So, how do you save?
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5 Color Design Basics to Know When Remodeling your Home

Remodeling your home’s color scheme takes planning. Often, the rooms that have colors that look simple and elegant required the most advanced planning to achieve that look. Fortunately, the basics of design color theory doesn’t take that long to grasp.

In this post, you’ll learn five key color theory principles. Among them, you’ll discover how to use tools like the color wheel to help you decide on your color palette. You’ll additionally learn how to adjust the tint or shade of a color to help it match your vision. Finally, you’ll gain an understanding of the ratios of colors you should use to give your room visual symmetry.
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